January 22, 2022


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Young Jump Magazine Gets Special Issue Focused on Heroines

Young Jump Magazine Gets Special Issue Focused on Heroines


Younger Leap Journal Will get Particular Subject Targeted on Heroines

1-shots of manga from numerous Leap magazines, web sites debut in complement on December 21

The second 2022 problem of Shueisha‘s Weekly Younger Leap journal revealed on December 9 that Shueisha will publish the companion complement Younger Leap Heroine with a give attention to each manga and gravure “heroines” on December 21.

The complement will function the next one-shot tales:

  • One-shot based mostly on Ryō Minenami’s Shōnen no Abyss
  • One-shot based mostly on Rikito Nakamura and Yukiko Nozawa’s Kimi no Koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
  • One-shot based mostly on Taiyō Kuzumi’s Uma Musume: Cinderella Grey
  • One-shot based mostly on Hiro‘s Akebi’s Sailor Uniform (seen proper)
  • One-shot based mostly on Sōryū’s Kō Iu no ga Ii
  • One-shot based mostly on Onigunsō‘s Mononogatari
  • One-shot based mostly on Bunta Kinami‘s Alice-san Chi no Iroribata
  • One-shot based mostly on Taira Wadachi’s Marriage Grey
  • One-shot based mostly on Keigo Hayasaka’s Celebru Couple

The above manga run in numerous magazines and web sites together with Weekly Younger Leap, Extremely Leap, Grand Leap, and Tonari no Younger Leap.

Shueisha printed Younger Leap Battle, a companion complement to Weekly Younger Leap that focuses on the “battle” manga style, in October 2019. The primary problem included 5 one-shots. Shueisha launched its Younger Leap Love companion complement, which centered on romance tales, to the journal in December 2019. Younger Leap Sports activities, an identical complement centered on sports activities, shipped in August 2020.

Supply: Younger Leap problem 2