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Satoru Gojo vs Ryomen Sukuna: Who Is Stronger in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’?

Gojo vs sukuna: Who is stronger?

Satoru Gojo vs Ryomen Sukuna: Who Is Stronger in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’?

Gojo vs sukuna: Who is stronger?

Gojo and Sukuna in a nonetheless from an episode of JJK

Who will win the battle: Gojo Satoru vs Ryomen Sukuna? Who’s stronger between the 2 in Jujutsu Universe? Jujutsu Kaisen, the anime which has gained the Finest Anime of the 12 months Award within the Crunchyroll Anime Award 2021, follows the story of excessive schooler Itadori Yuuji who turns into a member of a secret society of sorcerers to defeat a legendary demonic curse, Ryomen Sukuna, by turning into a demon himself. JJK has come out to be probably the most streamed anime of 2021, and we will say with certainty that it’s the anime’s distinctive storyline and superb character design that has contributed to its recognition and rising fanbase.

Two of probably the most intriguing characters of the present are Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna. Not solely are the 2 the strongest within the Jujutsu Universe, with Gojo being the strongest sorcerer and Sukuna being the strongest curse, the 2 are additionally the characters most shrouded in thriller. Even with ample display time, not a lot data both on their background or the scope of their skills is given. This component of thriller has been making the fanbase loopy with curiosity. Though with every part thought of, one query of utmost significance that involves thoughts is, ‘Who’s stronger? Gojo or Satoru?’

On this article, we will these questions with the utmost analysis and by taking every part into consideration so that you simply don’t should. Dive into the house particular to the fan-favorite Gojo and Sukuna.

Jujutsu Kaisen 

JJK, quick for Jujutsu Kaisen, is an anime primarily based in a universe the place cursed spirits or demonic entities born out of unfavourable human feelings terrorize and kill people. Though the cursed have overwhelming numbers, they’ve been stored secret to human society, with the Jujutsu Society guaranteeing the world’s security. Thus, the anime follows the journey of Itadori Yuuji, an extraordinary excessive schooler in present-day Japan who’s thrust into the world of curses to guard those he loves from curses by turning into one himself.

A nonetheless from the anime

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Who’s Ryomen Sukuna? 

Ryomen Sukuna is a 1000+ years outdated legendary curse deemed because the strongest curse to this point within the Jujutsu universe. Sukuna holds the title of ‘King of Curses’ and is taken into account to be so sturdy that even all of the sorcerers mixed can’t defeat him at his full energy. Serving as the primary antagonist or last boss of the collection, Sukuna is pure evil. His persona that has no hint of humanity has made him the proper villain, which has gained him the ‘Finest Antagonist Award’ in the course of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2021. Extraordinarily highly effective, he does what he needs to. Sukuna, in one of many episodes, has additionally threatened Gojo that he’ll sooner or later kill him.


Sukuna was regarded as an Imaginary Demon, however in actuality, he was a human sorcerer in the course of the golden interval of Jujutsu over 1,000 years in the past. After all of the sorcerers teamed as much as defeat him, he turned a cursed ghost after his dying. His curse was too extreme for his corpse to be utterly destroyed, and thus his 20 unbreakable fingers, sealed in burial wax, traveled by the years as cursed artifacts, growing in energy with time. Sukuna within the current has reincarnated into Yuji Itadori because of the latter consuming one among his cursed fingers.

Sukuna’s authentic type is characterised as a four-armed monster with two faces.  Throughout his possession of Yuji, Sukuna seems the identical as his host however with strains on wrists and higher arms, circles on each shoulders, two curve strains on his chest, and two strains on his abdomen, and two closed eyes beneath the conventional ones.

Who’s Satoru Gojo? 

Gojo Satoru is the stronger Jujutsu Sorcerer who additionally works as a instructor on the Tokyo Jujutsu Excessive. He performs a pivotal position within the anime as a secondary protagonist as the one one from the upper authority who needs Itadori Yuji to dwell. Thus, he turns into Yuuji’s mentor and helps him hone his monumental powers. Gojo is of the point of view that the Jujutsu society is corrupted and flawed. Thus, he sometime needs to have the ability to change the construction of Jujutsu society. It is because of this cause that he works as a instructor as he needs to convey a couple of change within the mindset of the brand new era of sorcerers. He has talked about many instances that if he so needs, he can simply kill all the high-ranking sorcerers. Although, he has said that he doesn’t approve of the tactic and has thus not resorted to homicide.


Regardless of the burden of the aspiration that Gojo carries, he’s a really comical character that’s all the time as much as some pranks or the opposite. He all the time has a smile on his face and is a continuing chatterbox. Although, this doesn’t imply in any means that he’s silly. Very smart and observant, Gojo is able to a chilly, calculated evaluation that many can solely dream of reaching.

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Who Is Stronger? Gojo vs Sukuna

As of now, it’s fairly clear that the one sorcerer able to defeating the may ‘King of Curses’ is Satoru Gojo. Nevertheless, is it so simple as Gojo defeating Sukuna or vice versa. Let’s needless to say Sukuna, even with out being at his full potential, is so highly effective that even probably the most skilled sorcerers would have bother coming near his energy. Let’s additionally not neglect that he has been alive for hundreds of years now, so who is aware of simply how expert he’s? And the very last thing that provides the cherry on the highest is the truth that Sukuna is certainly many instances stronger than he was in the course of the golden age of Jujutsu as his cursed fingers have been getting stronger by the years.

Satoru, on the opposite, is the one sorcerer in 4 hundred years to have acquired the Six Eyes and mastered the Limitless Cursed method. That is what has led him to be deemed because the Strongest Jujutsu sorcerer.

In a single episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji asks Gojo who wins within the struggle Sukuna vs Gojo, with the latter replying that Sukuna would lose. If the battle got here all the way down to their area enlargement methods, Sukuna’s area method is unparalleled. There’s not a lot Gojo can do except he can solid Infinite Void over Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, which was big sufficient to wipe away a big portion of the Shibuya Arc’s terrain. Additionally, hitting Gojo bodily resulting from his Infinity just isn’t doable.

Gojo is likewise weak to Sukuna’s slicing cursed method as a result of Infinity doesn’t function inside Domains. If we take these information into consideration, we will say that Gojo and Sukuna could be equal by way of energy. Nevertheless, these are all easy calculations that we’ve got made on the idea of solely a small portion of their true power being revealed. None of us, as of now, know what each of them are actually able to at their 100%. So, we’re principally simply betting right here.

What is for certain is {that a} struggle between Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna is inevitable. Some followers are of the opinion that Gojo is stronger, with many followers of the other opinion. Fairly quickly, we’ll know who’s stronger with the struggle that’s sure to occur.

Tell us within the remark part who you suppose is stronger between Gojo and Sukuna.

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Fascinating Information about Ryomen Sukuna   

Sukuna is called after the Japanese mythological character Ryomen-Sukuna who was believed to be a demonic entity talked about within the Nihon Shoki as having emerged in historic Hida Province throughout Emperor Nintoku’s reign within the 4th century. He was characterised as a man of unimaginable energy, with a two-faced head and a complete of eight limbs, 4 arms, and legs for every face. He tormented villages after villages in historic Hida, looting and spreading devastation in his wake till Takefurukuma no Mikoto, a valiant army commander despatched by the Imperial Court docket, got here ahead and ultimately defeated him.


Some folks worshipped Ryomen-Sukuna as a minor god, and sculptures of his distinctive two-faced head can nonetheless be discovered at Gifu temples and shrines at present. Sukuna got here 10th within the 1st characters Reputation Ballot.  

Fascinating information about Satoru Gojo

Within the Character s Reputation Ballot, Gojo got here in third place. He started consuming sweets to spice up his mind however developed a candy tooth in consequence. He can obtain every part he units his thoughts to. Due to this fact he avoids turning into too engaged in something.  In highschool, he was a Digimon fanatic. Digimon voice actors have voiced Satoru in each the English and Japanese variations. On Twitter, Kaiji Tang revealed Gojo’s fondness for Digimon. The title ‘Satoru’ is a masculine Japanese given title derived from the verb “to know” or “perceive.” in Japanese. His theme music is “Mada Minu Asu Ni” by Asian Kung-Fu Era and “Disgrace on Me” by Avicii, in keeping with Gege Akutami.

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