October 5, 2022


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One Piece Theory: Nika Was the First Devil Fruit User

A Cruel & Dark One Piece Theory Argues That [SPOILER] Is Joy Boy

The One Piece world has been modified endlessly now that Luffy has woke up his satan fruit and its true nature has been revealed. Luffy’s Rubber-Rubber Fruit has really been a legendary Zoan, the Human-Human Fruit Mannequin Nika, all alongside.

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When Luffy woke up the fruit, Zunesha the elephant remarked how Luffy’s presence reminded him of Pleasure Boy, the mysterious determine from 800 years in the past. This makes Pleasure Boy the one different identified consumer of the satan fruit. We additionally know that he was an enemy of the World Authorities, or no matter iteration it was on the time, on condition that they’ve tried to erase his title from historical past.

The one drawback is, satan fruits have been additionally a factor 800 years in the past. Oden’s spouse Toki was born throughout the Void Century and had a time journey fruit. Though that is solely two confirmed fruits, it is doubtless that the majority of them have been in existence throughout that point interval. How may a determine like Pleasure Boy, who clearly had affect on the planet as an ally of the fish-men and the traditional kingdom, not be remembered? Why would the slaves pray to Nika and never Pleasure Boy if he was the one saving them? The Solar God additionally appears to have existed in different cultures. The Shandorians prayed to a Solar God solely 400 years in the past, and though they may not be linked, it will be odd for them to overlook the title of Pleasure Boy after solely a handful of generations.

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