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Will Akkun Die In Tokyo Revengers? The Causes To Know

doe akkun die in tokyo revengers

Will Akkun Die In Tokyo Revengers? The Causes To Know

doe akkun die in tokyo revengers


Who’s Akkun? Will Akkun die in Tokyo Revenegers? Is Atsushi Sendo Hanagaki Takemichi’s finest pal? In that case, then why did Atsushi betray Takemichi? Tokyo Revengers is among the hottest anime of 2021. Though pretty new, Tokyo Revengers has taken the anime group by storm because of its superb plotline and character designs. Tokyo Revengers was deemed as one of many high three best-selling manga collection within the first half of 2021, between November 2020 to Could 2021, with an estimated whole of over 5 million copies bought. The manga, as of now, has seen over 40 million copies in circulation as of September 2021. Tokyo Revengers has thus been tailored into an anime collection and in addition a live-action film in 2021. In 2020, the manga was awarded the forty fourth Kodansha Manga Award within the Shonen class.

On this article, which is completely for the followers of the hit collection Tokyo Revengers, we are going to cowl every bit of essential info associated to Atsushi Sendo. Compiled after lots of analysis, this text goals to fulfill all of the questions that you’ve for Hanagaki’s highschool bestie. Gambare, Otakus!

Warning: Spoilers Forward 

Who’s Atsushi Sendo?

Atsushi Sendo, also referred to as Akkun, is a long-standing member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and was the very best pal of Takemichi Hanagaki throughout his highschool years. Because the chief of a small group of delinquents, Atsushi exudes a robust sense of self-assurance. Atsushi, because the group’s chief, is all the time taking care of his buddies. He’s conscious that crew member Takuya Yamamoto is just not a talented fighter and thus is all the time desirous to take his place in order that Takuya is just not injured. Akkun additionally has no qualms killing somebody to guard his associates. This was obvious when he was keen to kill Masataka Kiyomizu to free himself and his companions from slavery as he noticed no different choice.

does akkun die tokyo revengers


How did Atsushi Sendo Die?

Atsushi Sendo dies because of committing suicide. After lastly being completed with obeying Tetta Kisaki’s evil orders and the immense guilt that he had because of it, Atsushi jumps from a roof after confessing the reality to Takemichi Hanagaki. Years later, Atsushi rose via the ranks of Toman’s higher hierarchy and was assigned to oversee a hostess bar. Takemichi contacts Atsushi, who agrees to see Manjiro after discovering that Atsushi is within the elite tier. Naoto goes with Takemichi, however Atsushi brings Takemichi to the rooftop to converse in personal. He explains that he’s conscious that Naoto is a police officer and Hinata’s youthful brother. Atsushi additionally admits that he was the one who pushed him into the prepare tracks and that he ought to have perished in consequence, however Naoto foresaw this and guarded him. He wonders if Takemichi can journey again in time and begs for Naoto’s help.

Atsushi thinks that the entire idea of time journey is absurd, however after cautious consideration, there’s no different technique to clarify it. Takemichi refuses to simply accept that his childhood pal, Atsushi, would attempt to kill him. As a result of not seeing Manjiro in years, Atsushi discloses that he grew to become Tetta Kisaki’s soldier and needed to obey him as everybody in Toman does the identical. Manjiro had a whole change of persona when Ken Ryuguji died, and Atsushi urges Takemichi to return in time and save him, in addition to everybody else. After that, Atsushi dies by leaping from the rooftop, main Takemichi to deeply grieve.

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On Tokyo Revengers: Synopsis

The second yr of center faculty was the top of Takemichi Hanagaki’s life. He had respect, a stable group of associates, and even a girlfriend. That was greater than a decade in the past, although, and for less than a small time. Quick ahead to the current, and he’s nothing however a washed-up good for nothing mocked by kids and obliged to apologize to his youthful boss regularly. An sudden information article concerning the Tokyo Manji Gang was brutally murdering his beloved ex-girlfriend, and her brother simply provides salt to damage. Takemichi reverts again to his highschool days when he was nonetheless relationship Hinata Tachibana, half a second earlier than a prepare takes his pathetic existence for good.

doe akkun die in tokyo revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi encounters Hinata’s brother, who is meant to be useless, as he’s pressured to repeat the day that began his distress. Earlier than going again to the previous, he concedes to his depressing loss of life with out resistance. Earlier than unusually returning to the long run, Hinata’s brother tells him to safeguard his sister. He’s, miraculously, not useless. What’s even stranger is that the long run has altered from the one he is aware of. In such a stunning flip of occasions, Takemichi realizes that he has the flexibility to alter the course of time. Thus, Takemichi chooses to journey via time to alter the course of historical past with a purpose to forestall his previous lover’s homicide by the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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