August 19, 2022


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Why Gundam Fans Shouldn’t Skip Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

gundam zz

Cell Swimsuit Gundam ZZ has lengthy been thought-about the black sheep of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s Common Century Gundam entries. A sequel to the critically-lauded Cell Swimsuit Zeta Gundam, ZZ follows on that sequence’ darkish ending by opening with low-stakes comedy, turning once-serious characters equivalent to Vibrant Noa and Yazan Gable into the butt of slapstick jokes.

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Gundam ZZ opens by introducing the viewer to its predominant solid, a bunch of teenage junk merchants led by sequence protagonist Judau Ashta. Hailing from the Shangri-La colony of Aspect 1, Judau and firm dwell in poverty, compelled to salvage scrap to make a residing in lieu of their absent dad and mom.

As a protagonist, Judau stands in stark distinction to earlier Gundam leads Amuro Ray and Kamille Bidan. Whereas Amuro and Kamille have been each introverted and chilly, Judau proves way more sociable, having no disgrace in counting on or confiding in his mates. It is a recent dynamic that makes ZZ stand out from its predecessors, and the good-humored nature of the Shangri-La crew affords a palate cleanser after the overwhelming darkness of Zeta‘s closing act.

Sadly, ZZ spends just a little too lengthy meandering on Shangri-La and the comedy wears skinny quick. It is not till Episode 9 that the crew lastly makes it into house and the plot begins transferring, by which level many viewers have checked out.