August 19, 2022


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The Original Sailor Moon Anime Made This Baffling Change to Naru's Story

Molly from Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon had many adjustments made throughout its authentic 90s run. Mamoru was notoriously made to be in school whereas with middle-schooler Usagi, storylines have been added or modified fully, and many others. One among these adjustments was the addition of Naru and Nephrite’s storyline.

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Whereas his plan finally failed, the quantity of power he drained from Naru happy Queen Beryl, so he started manipulating and preying on Naru as entrepreneur Masato Sanjouin. He used her to hold certainly one of his Youma into a celebration with Princess D from the Diamond Kingdom, which might then possess the princess, with Naru fully oblivious. Finally, Nephrite got here into possession of the Black Crystal — a software to assist him detect the Silver Crystal — and was proven Naru.

Nephrite was going to kidnap Naru, pondering that she held the Silver Crystal, however was stopped by Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Through the ensuing battle, Naru protected Nephrite from Sailor Moon’s assault, regardless of all of the manipulation he put her via. He would then sneak into Naru’s room whereas she was sleeping and scan her physique –which is proven with out clothes– with the Black Crystal, in search of the Silver Crystal. She awakened as he was leaving, and he requested Naru who Sailor Moon was, telling her that he needed to struggle along with her somewhat than in opposition to her. What he did not know was that Zoisite, who had been making an attempt to eliminate Nephrite and hoping he would fail, was spying on him and overheard this.

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