July 5, 2022


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The 10 Worst Naruto Side Characters, Ranked

Karin worried (left); Kaguya Otsutsuki crying (center); Orochimaru smirking (right)

As Naruto’s ongoing legacy collection Boruto continues to launch new chapters and reintroduce previous faces, followers can not help however revisit the prequels’ characters. Each Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden included many eccentric facet characters from the Hidden Leaf and adversarial villages.

Sadly, not all facet characters have been as attention-grabbing, nicely crafted, or cool as others. For instance, the Konoha 11’s Tenten and Kiba Inuzuka have been by no means allowed to show their full capabilities. Others, equivalent to Danzō Shimura or Orochimaru, dedicated crimes so heinous that followers rejected them. From evildoers to weaklings, some facet characters have been thought-about the worst within the franchise.

It isn’t Tenten’s fault she did not make an influence as a personality. She bought little display screen time, and all of the fights she participated in fell flat. Her mastery over weaponry, capacity to summon any merchandise, and proficiency in sealing jutsu have been spectacular and respectable. Nonetheless, the present did not give her an opportunity to show these expertise.

Tenten did not do something incorrect, however she was the weakest facet character of the Konoha 11. Her character arc felt prefer it had no route or vacation spot, not like most others within the Konoha 11.

Kiba Inuzuka was one of many different Konoha 11 children who by no means appeared to do a lot. When he went on missions, he continually wanted assist or saving. On prime of that, he was overly assured and extremely loud. He dreamed of being the Hokage, however he by no means displayed any expertise worthy of the rank. Thus, one in all Kiba Inuzuka’s largest weaknesses was his misplaced ambition.