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Strongest Domain Expansions We Have Seen In Jujutsu Kaisen So Far: Ranked in 2021

Domain Expansion


Strongest Area Expansions We Have Seen In Jujutsu Kaisen So Far: Ranked in 2021

Domain Expansion

Area Growth

Area expansions or Ryoki Tenkai is without doubt one of the many issues that makes Jujutsu Kaisen so particular. You’ll be able to name it a somatic model of genjutsu that traps your opponent in a separate expanse as a substitute of an phantasm. In technical phrases, it’s a sophisticated barrier method that exposes somebody’s innate area to create an area of their very own. Inside their very own area, the caster’s cursed methods enhance tenfolds and change into unavoidable. Probably the most environment friendly method of snapping out of a site is casting a superior area as Gojo did towards Jogo.

Regardless of Area Expansions being such an overpowered method that defies the legal guidelines of nature, it comes with a justifiable share of drawbacks. It requires an enormous quantity of cursed power, and there’s all the time a threat of working out of cursed power. Nobody can solid two Area Expansions concurrently except the caster has six eyes like Gojo sensei. Right here, we’ve ranked all of the strongest Area Expansions we’ve seen thus far.

Lethal Sentencing (Hiromi Higurama)

That is essentially the most not too long ago launched Area Growth and likewise essentially the most distinctive on this listing. Not like the opposite Area Expansions, Hiromi Higurama’s Lethal Sentencing doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy. It traps the sufferer in a court-like house the place their judgment takes place.

Domain Expansion

Lethal Sentencing

Right here, proof is positioned earlier than the courtroom. If it’s not sufficient to show somebody responsible, they’re given three choices: confession, denial, or silence. As soon as the sufferer speaks, the judgment happens primarily based on the truthfulness of their assertion. If the defendant is discovered responsible, they gained’t be capable to use the cursed method anymore. In case the sufferer doesn’t have any cursed method, he gained’t be capable to use curse power anymore. In his struggle towards Itadori, he discovered Itadfori responsible twice and despatched him for the demise penalty.

Chimera Shadow Backyard (Megumi Fushiguru)

Megumi’s Chimera Shadow Backyard is a Area Growth that surrounds the world with a thick fluid-like shadow. It amplifies the ability of the Ten Shadows method to a complete new degree, permitting him to summon a number of Shikigamis at a time.

Domain Expansion

Chimera Shadow Backyard

Nonetheless, resorting to Chimera Shadow Backyard makes use of up all of Megumi’s cursed power reserve, leading to bodily backlash. He tried utilizing this to interrupt free from Horizon of the Fascinating Skandha, nevertheless it didn’t go nicely. To not point out, that is an incomplete method, and there’s no method of telling how robust it should change into as soon as Megumi masters it.

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Graveyard Area (Smallpox Deity)

To everybody who hasn’t heard of Smallpox Deity but, it is without doubt one of the registered particular grade cursed spirits that Psedu-Geto summoned together with his curse manipulation. It could solid a disease-causing area known as the Graveyard Area. Because the title suggests, it traps the sufferer in a coffin and buries them deep underground utilizing a big falling boulder headstone. If they can not depart the area throughout the first three seconds, the sufferer will undergo from smallpox and die.

Domain Expansion

Kenjaku in pseudo Geto

Horizon of the Fascinating Skandha (Dagon)

The prettiest ocean can flip into the scariest nightmares inside moments. That’s how versatile Dagon’s Area Growth, Horizon of the Fascinating Skandha is. It mainly traps the sufferer in a good looking beach-like space surrounded by palm bushes and all the things else that you just count on from a tropical trip spot. He makes use of this area to chill out within the water with Mahito, Pseudo-Geto, and others.

Domain Expansion

Horizon of the Fascinating Skandha

Nonetheless, this dream-like place will change into the final place you wish to go to if you happen to aren’t an ally of Dagon. Inside his area, Dagon can management an enormous quantity of water and might summon dozens of shark-like Shikigamis. The area ensures 100% accuracy, and the Shikigamis preserve hanging again until the opponent dies. It was solely due to Togi Fushiguru’s intervention that Megumi and Nanami survived the Area Growth.

Self-Embodiment of Perfection (Mahito)

Think about if Mahito didn’t have to the touch his opponent to activate his notorious Idle Transfiguration. Sounds scary already, proper? That’s what occurs inside his Self-Embodiment of Perfection area. It’s like getting trapped in Mahito’s palms with no hope of survival. Its solely disadvantage is Mahito is pressured to the touch anybody’s soul who steps into the area. If Yuji hadn’t intervened that fateful day, Nanami would have been useless lengthy earlier than the Shibuya Incident arc. 

Domain Expansion

Self-Embodiment of Perfection

Coffin of the Iron Mountain (Jogo)

Jogo’s Coffin of the Iron Mountain is without doubt one of the first Area Expansions that we noticed within the Jujutsu Kaisen. This system has the potential to incinerate any odd sorcerer inside seconds of entering into the area. Jogo has a full-size Volcano inside his area and might even management the earth inside it.

Domain Expansion

Coffin of the Iron Mountain

Nonetheless, to his dismay, he was silly sufficient to ask Satoru Goju in a warfare of Area Growth and obtained miserably overpowered. Jogo’s conceitedness served as a lesson for different cursed spirits that they shouldn’t mess with Gojo.

Malevolent Shrine (Ryomen Sukuna)

This system belongs to Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses himself. It’s protected to say that Malevolent Shrine appears the scariest of some other Area Growth on this listing. It takes the type of a Buddhist shrine that has been altered to worship a satan equivalent to Sukuna. Not like the opposite Area Expansions, it doesn’t create a separate house with a barrier. The method is efficient over an space of roughly 200 meters. Be it a particular grade curse or a shaman, nothing can survive Sukuna’s  Cleave and Dismantle withinMalevolent Shrine.

Domain Expansion

Malevolent Shrine

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Immeasurable Void/Infinite Void (Satoru Gojo)

Satoru Gojo’s Limitless void has completely no weak spot. It’s the prettiest and but the deadliest Area Growth that the Jujutsu world has ever seen. It teleports to the sufferer with the very heart of the universe and saturates their thoughts with limitless data. Immeasurable Void forces them to really feel all the things within the universe suddenly and messes up anybody’s psychological stability fully.

Domain Expansion

Infinite Void

It erased Jogo’s Coffin of the Iron Mountain as some youngster’s play. A 0.2-second publicity to this system may cause 2 months of rehabilitation for any regular particular person.

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