May 18, 2024


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Spy x Family: Anya Is Truly Yor and Loid's Daughter – Here's How

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Should you did not already know the true story behind the Forgers, it might be nearly unattainable to guess Anya is adopted and her dad and mom are mainly married strangers on this week’s episode of Spy x Household. Within the brief time period they’ve lived collectively, Anya has already realized worthwhile expertise from Yor and Loid. How might she not when she has a spy for a father and an murderer for a mom?

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After the kidnapping incident, Anya got here to Eden geared up with expertise that Yor had ‘ready’ her with. Being the goal of taunts from playground bully Damian Desmond — son of the elusive Donovan Desmond, the goal of Operation Strix — the very first thing Anya jumped to was a punch she realized from Yor. Fortunately, she recollects her mom’s knowledge on being a much bigger particular person. As an alternative of lashing out at Damian immediately, she listened to Yor and retaliated with a smug grin.

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Anya is a little bit of an airhead, however within the time that she’s been with Loid, she’s realized just a few issues from her father. Simply earlier than punching Damian, she made certain to look out for any academics, or on this case, witnesses. Sadly, Anya continues to be a novice in terms of mendacity. When confronted by Housemaster Henderson, she tells with a flimsy lie claiming Damian bumped into her fist. The outlet she digs for herself grows when she tries to disclaim the sizable dent left on Damian’s face.