August 19, 2022


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Skeleton Knight in Another World: What Exactly Is Ponta?

Skeleton Knight in Another World SKIAW

Skeleton Knight in One other World follows the adventures of Arc, Ariane and Ponta as they journey a incredible isekai world crammed with monsters and unknown creatures. Though Ponta is the primary buddy that Arc makes in his new world, little is revealed about what Ponta truly is.

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Ponta is a small inexperienced omnivorous kitsune that may be acknowledged by her distinctive tendency to yelp “kyu.” She was first launched within the second episode whereas Arc accompanied a younger woman to gather flowers within the forest. Having seen that the small kitsune had a wound on her leg, Arc determined to check his therapeutic spell on the younger creature. Recognizing Arc as a pleasant individual, the kitsune determined to accompany him on his journey. Making an allowance for the creature’s absurdly fluffy tail, Arc determined to call her “Ponta” as a play on the Japanese phrase “tanpopo,” which suggests dandelion. Throughout their quest to select flowers, the trio bumped into a large basilisk, which Ponta’s response revealed to be the one who injured her within the first place.

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Spirit animals usually are not spirits — reasonably, it seems to be a time period used to indicate a creature that is ready to use “spirit magic.” Sadly, spirit magic is barely described as magic utilized by spirit creatures, so this creates a really unsatisfying and round definition. The distinction between monsters just like the Basilisk and spirit animals appears to be the truth that spirit animals are extra docile in nature and monsters comprise a magic Rune Stone inside their physique.