August 19, 2022


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Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie Is Spreading Izumi's Clumsiness Curse

shikimori running

The 5 principal mates of Shikimori’s Not Only a Cutie all have their very own distinctive quirks, from Shikimori’s complicated as slightly sister to Hachimitsu’s indifferent tsundere methods and, most of all, Izumi Yuu’s infamous clumsy streak and unhealthy luck. That was primarily Izumi’s personal downside, but it surely begins to unfold in Episode 10.

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Izumi’s unhealthy luck strikes once more in Episode 10 when he finds himself randomly entered into the college’s relay race, an occasion he feels completely unqualified for. Sadly for him, he can’t merely again out, so his mates, most of all his girlfriend Shikimori, enter the relay race as effectively to allow them to again him up as a group. They do not know it on the time, however Izumi’s obvious unhealthy luck is definitely steering the group in a great route and setting them up for his or her greatest second of glory but in Shikimori’s Not Only a Cutie. Izumi’s unhealthy luck proves to be a blessing in disguise.

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On the large day of the sports activities pageant, Izumi’s curse of clumsiness and unhealthy luck impacts the 5 mates’ race in two alternative ways. The primary is a bodily problem, the place Hachimitsu unwittingly “catches” the bug of unhealthy luck from Izumi. On one hand, Inuzuka and Nezkozaki assist Izumi stop his shoelaces from untying and changing into a tripping hazard, and to everybody’s reduction, this technique works. Izumi doesn’t journey and fall throughout his stretch of the baton race, so Hachimitsu is the clumsy one as a substitute. Regardless of her heroic efforts, she journeys over her personal toes and falls flat on her chest, even sustaining a wound on her knee — however she’s not carried out but.