October 5, 2022


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Shikimori: Izumi Embodies Wholesome Masculinity Without Even Trying

Izumi happy face

Shikimori’s Not Only a Cutie is a rom-com anime sequence that stars the “relationship objectives” characters Yuu Izumi and his widespread girlfriend Shikimori, who take pleasure in a powerful and healthful relationship proper from the start. Followers might quickly draw comparisons between them and Marin and Gojo of My Gown-Up Darling fame, and for a number of causes.

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Episode 3 of Shikimori’s Not Only a Cutie depicts Izumi and Shikimori on their first actual date within the anime as they comply with go see a film. Alongside the best way, Izumi prepares himself to take care of his personal outrageous clumsiness, since he desires to offer for Shikimori and impress her as her loyal boyfriend.

As she explains to Izumi’s mom on the household family, Shikimori admires her boyfriend’s selfless energy and braveness, and marvels at how he can work so arduous to offer for everybody with out asking for something in return. Izumi has the light energy to face his personal deficiencies to make others pleased, doggedly persisting regardless of being an accident-prone boy. Shikimori deeply admires his persistent methods, to the purpose she could be the one who feels insufficient. She repays Izumi by defending him from hazard as a heroic girlfriend, however maybe each of them may perform a little extra. They should elevate the stakes for future episodes to make Shikimori’s Not Only a Cutie stand out.

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