November 28, 2021


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Satoru Akahori Launches New Manga on November 12

Satoru Akahori Launches New Manga on November 12


Satoru Akahori Launches New Manga on November 12

Menhera Samurai facilities on shy, shut-in samurai in Edo interval

This yr’s twenty first difficulty of Hakusensha‘s Younger Animal journal revealed on Friday that Satoru Akahori will launch a brand new manga titled Menhera Samurai (Psychological Well being Samurai) that can launch within the journal’s subsequent difficulty on November 12. Kyūjo Matsumoto will draw the manga.

The manga facilities on an especially shy and shut-in samurai in Japan’s peaceable Edo interval. He’s preoccupied each day by ideas of hurt, and his passion of seeing the poster ladies of each tea home.

Akahori is most well-known for being the principle author on the Saber Marionette franchise, in addition to penning a number of anime and novels for the Sakura Wars franchise. He has additionally written the tales for such manga as Sorcerer Hunters, Kashimashi ~Lady Meets Lady~, and Abenobashi: Magical Purchasing Arcade.

Matsumoto ended the Majo wa Mioji kara (The lifetime of the witch who stays single for about 300 years) manga with Shigemitsu Harada (Cells at Work! Code Black) in Might 2020.

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