October 4, 2023


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RWBY Ice Queendom Reveals How Weiss Truly Feels About Her Teammates


Staff RWBY — comprised of Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Lengthy — is operating out of time to rescue their teammate, Weiss Schnee, from the Nightmare Grimm that has a stranglehold on her thoughts. One of many strongest boundaries stopping the ladies from saving their teammate is Weiss’s internalized anger towards her household, particularly her father, Jacques. The Nightmare Grimm is exploiting this anger as gas for itself, and has created the “Destructive Weiss” to guard itself from outdoors threats.

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All through Episode 6 of RWBY: Ice Queendom, Destructive Weiss retains speaking to her buddies that she should shield what’s valuable to her, although not one of the teammates appear to grasp what she means. It isn’t till Staff RWBY makes it again to the actual world that the person members break up as much as mirror on what they individually skilled. Out of the three, Blake is essentially the most understanding of Weiss’s scenario and is even sympathetic towards her since she too has skilled Jacques Schnee’s model of abuse.

The one staff member who’s harshly vital of Weiss is Yang, on account of being delay by the previous’s narcissism. As such, she continues to see Weiss as a “egocentric, cussed little princess.” Regardless of her detrimental perspective, nevertheless, Yang does mirror on Weiss’s personal criticism of her — particularly the half about her stunting Ruby’s private progress by always defending her. When she remembers how Weiss described her personal sister, Winter, as strict, Yang begins to think about that possibly she could be the sister Weiss truly wants — a conclusion she reaches after speaking to Penny Polendina concerning the objective of goals being about organizing and storing recollections.

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