October 4, 2023


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Rising of the Shield Hero: 5 Burning Questions After Season 2's Finale

shield hero questions

The Rising of the Protect Hero returned within the Spring 2022 anime season for an additional 13 episodes of isekai motion and journey. Even when Season 2 fell wanting its predecessor in some ways, it nonetheless did a wonderful job increasing the setting, lore, fight system and the forged of characters. There’s a lot for Protect Hero followers to digest.

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Many monsters, races, nations and weapons outline the lore of Protect Hero, from the demi-humans who reside within the nations of Melromarc and Siltvelt to your entire filolial race. Second 2 launched the idea of the 4 Spirit Guardian Beasts, vastly highly effective animals that assist shield their very own worlds from outdoors threats.

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Protect Hero‘s first season made it clear that the Waves and antagonists like L’Arc, Glass and Therese come from one other world completely, and L’Arc’s dialogue even steered that neither the Melromarc world nor L’Arc’s personal can survive whereas the opposite exists. It appears one world should ultimately be destroyed to make room for the opposite, however it isn’t but clear why that is perhaps — or whether or not that is even true.