August 19, 2022


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Rent-a-Girlfriend: Why Kazuya Isn't as Horrible a Protagonist as Everyone Thinks

rent a girlfriend

He might not be a shining knight like Takumi Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama or cool and good-looking like Fruits Basket‘s Kyo Sohma, however that makes Hire-a-Girlfriend‘s Kazuya Kinoshita stand out greater than another male romance protagonist. Opposite to lots of his friends, Kazuya’s power lies in his analytical means to know others and, most significantly, himself.

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A lot of the criticism round Kazuya is that he would not arise for himself or he is blinded by the ladies round him, being led round by the nostril. That is merely as a result of viewers have by no means seen a protagonist like Kazuya Kinoshita earlier than. He is a deeply empathetic analytical thinker together with being a extremely sociable and caring particular person. He is just like Hikigaya from My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Unsuitable, As I Anticipated, solely far more expressive.

The present Kazuya in Season 2 may be very self-aware of his emotions of affection. The best way he explains himself to Ruka about selecting to not decide to being her boyfriend — as a result of he believes he is not likely in love — is without doubt one of the most clever issues he is considered, and some of the gentleman-like rejections in the complete romance style of anime. If he did resolve to be Ruka’s boyfriend, his love for Mizuhara might at all times be there, together with the remorse that he did not select the latter. He isn’t hasty in his selections, which might result in heartbreak and catastrophe as a pair.

Kazuya presently feels that he is actually in love with Mizuhara, and is conscious that he will not be capable to love Ruka consequently. He permits himself to be with Ruka and lets her does no matter she desires as a result of he genuinely cares about her, and enjoys being round her.