October 5, 2022


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R.O.D: The TV: The Perfect Anime for Both Writers and Bookworms

Rod-TV (1)

On condition that they typically adapt manga, many anime reveals are tied in a method or one other to books. Regardless of this, there’s maybe no collection that includes books fairly like R.O.D. the TV. A kind of sequel to 2 totally different however similarly-named franchises, R.O.D. makes books, writing and paper itself extremely integral to its plot.

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The unusual title for the anime R.O.D. the TV displays the works of which it acts as a continuation. A sequel to the OVA collection Learn or Die, the acronym R.O.D. additionally homages the manga Learn or Dream, which it’s also a kind of sequel to. Set 5 years after Learn or Die, the protagonist is Nenene, the coed of the now lacking Yomiko Readman. Looking for her trainer, Nenene is unable to proceed her personal writings till her Yomiko sees what she’s written to this point.

The collection was animated by J.C. Workers and Studio Deen, each of whom are recognized for such hits as Is It Fallacious to Attempt to Choose Up Women In a Dungeon?, Requiem of the Rose King and KonoSuba. Operating for 26 episodes, R.O.D. the TV is now seen as a traditional of early 2000s anime.

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