October 4, 2023


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Pokémon Fan Theory: The Humans in the Anime Were Superhuman All Along

Pokemon Season 1 Episode 14 Vermillion Gym Leader

Staff Rocket is blasting off once more — however, how did they survive after being thrown into the sky and falling to the bottom so many instances? The web has theories corresponding to Staff Rocket might have been clones this whole time. Though that might be true, it’s additionally fairly potential that people in Pokémon had been simply superhuman all alongside.

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This may additionally clarify why Pokémon by no means go towards their trainers. Trainers keep management of their Pokémon regardless of how robust the Pokémon could also be. It’s because it might be troublesome to take down a coach because of the superhuman sturdiness that people in Pokémon have.

People in Pokémon being superhuman is smart contemplating the extraordinarily harmful environments and the talents of Pokémon within the Pokémon world. Trainers survive molten volcanic environments, pitch-black caves, haunted cities, freezing temperatures, raging thunder, and poisonous environments with ease.

All of the whereas, they’re surrounded by seemingly countless quantities of harmful wild Pokémon with their very own supernatural talents. In a position to stand up to Pokémon with psychic, toxic, metal, electrical, or hearth powers is not any straightforward feat.