September 29, 2022


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One-Punch Man: How Exactly Does Saitama's New Zero Punch Work?

Amused Saitama in One-Punch Man

To grasp how Saitama achieved this new approach, a recap of his and Garo’s newest combat is important. After a God granted Garo divine powers, the Hero Hunter was in a position to momentarily match Saitama’s may. Their combat escalated to the purpose of presumably destroying the Earth as an aftermath, so Blast’s gang transferred them to certainly one of Jupiter’s moons. That was the place an awesome change in Saitama started.

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Realizing Saitama was an unsurpassable wall, Garo realized the futility of his actions — albeit a bit late. His recklessness triggered Tareo’s dying, sending him right into a momentary state of despair. He then requested Saitama for a favor, which led to the second necessary element of Saitama’s new ability. Garo made Saitama copy his final ability, permitting him to acquire a God’s energy with out borrowing it from one. This resulted in Saitama going again in time and defeating Garo earlier than he may kill any harmless life.

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