August 19, 2022


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One Piece Theory: Why Kaido Is So Obsessed with Joy Boy

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After 10 years, Monkey D. Luffy fiinally managed to deliver down Kaido within the pages of One Piece. For the reason that Punk Hazard arc, the showdown between the 2 pirate captains had been constructing as much as this second, but when that wasn’t sufficient, one other One Piece thriller was lastly answered: the id of Pleasure Boy!

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All through his bout with Luffy, the manga stored implying that Kaido knew way more concerning the secrets and techniques of this world than he ever let on, particularly when it involved Pleasure Boy. He’d even go as far as to state different characters “could not be Pleasure Boy … both, it appears…,” implying that whereas he would not know his precise id, he’d nonetheless acknowledge Pleasure Boy when he fulfills some requirement. Besides, there appears to be a connection between the 2 that goes manner deeper than his struggle with Luffy.

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In his flashback, Kaido’s philosophy concerning the nature of males is firmly placed on show. He hates the concept of the Aristocracy and ruling lessons, with direct disdain for the Celestial Dragons particularly. In Kaido’s thoughts, he believes people are animals ruled by the pure legislation of “Survival of the Fittest.” On this sense, warfare and the battlefield are the place he believes all creatures are basically equal, with the one deciding issue being one’s personal energy and can. Moreover, Kaido believes that it’s via warfare that true equality and freedom might be achieved.