October 5, 2022


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One Piece: Gol D. Roger's Official Devil Fruit Status and What It Means

One Piece: Gol D. Roger's Official Devil Fruit Status and What It Means

One Piece: Gol D. Roger’s Official Satan Fruit Standing and What It Means

Many followers have been questioning about whether or not Roger had a Satan Fruit or what it was. Chapter 1047 of the manga lastly answered this age-old query.

Wealth, fame, energy. Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, attained this and all the pieces else the One Piece world needed to provide. Naturally, after listening to these phrases at the beginning of so many episodes, followers had been anticipating Satan Fruits to be among the many world’s treasures.

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The subject got here up throughout Luffy’s closing battle with Kaidō. The Emperor was amused by the ridiculous new feats supplied to the Straw Hat captain by his Satan Fruit Awakening. Regardless of this, nonetheless, he remained unconvinced that the boy had the facility wanted to beat.

Clearly, the very first thing Kaidō’s assertion does is debunk each idea followers had about what Roger’s Satan Fruit was if he really had one. Many of those theories revolved round him being the earlier heir of a longtime Satan Fruit. There have been all types of Fruits prompt for this, together with the Flame-Flame Fruit, the Pump-Pump Fruit, and the Op-Op Fruit. Since Roger is lifeless by the beginning of the collection, the Fruit may very well be absolutely anything proven on-screen.

Some even theorized that he had Luffy’s very personal Gum-Gum Fruit. This might have defined quite a lot of issues, together with why Shanks and the World Authorities wished it so badly. This idea was each probably the most prevalent and probably the most contested.