September 29, 2022


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One Piece Chapter 1055 Recap & Spoilers: The New Era

Wano kingdom in One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1054 noticed Aramaki be confronted outdoors the Flower Capital by the retainers and battling in opposition to them. He revealed his Satan Fruit to be the Mori Mori no Mi, battling in opposition to them till Yamato and Momonosuke got here to their help. Momo, regardless of not having the ability to use his Dragon Kind’s assaults, ordered Yamato to not struggle. Outdoors Wano, Shanks’ crew had been speaking excitedly about Luffy and desirous to congratulate him. Shanks, nevertheless, declined and as a substitute recommended they go declare the One Piece. Akainu at Navy HQ was being briefed on the revolution happening, with Sabo being known as “Flame Emperor” by the individuals who believed in his trigger. Regardless of this, Akainu remained agency that he would “drive each one in every of them again into the depths of the ocean.”

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Aramaki then explains that the crops he creates are immune to fireplace. A vine smacks into Raizo’s chest and begins draining his physique of all liquid. The others attempt to struggle again, however the crops maintain coming. Unable to stick with it, they develop into entangled by the vines.

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As they proceed to descend, Robin notices a lightweight and asks what’s inflicting it. Sukiyaki solutions that it’s a tunnel with a glass block on the finish. Robin crawls in, joined by Regulation, who pops in subsequent to her. They each look on in amazement because it appears to be like like Wano has been submerged underwater.