September 29, 2022


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New Revelations About Kiyoshiro's Past Show How Far He Has Come in Digimon Ghost Game

Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai looking determined in Digimon Ghost Game

All through Digimon Ghost Sport, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai’s creativeness has been considered one of his defining traits. Whereas his creativeness normally manifests in his fears, he has additionally been proven to take flights of fancy imagining himself within the worlds of his favourite anime and manga. With Episode 43, Ghost Sport delved extra into Kiyoshiro’s previous; whereas he used to make use of the worlds of anime and manga as an escape, Kiyoshiro now’s a hero himself with associates who settle for him.

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Whereas Jellymon initially believed that Kiyoshiro’s fandom was his essential purpose for returning to Japan, Episode 43 of Ghost Sport revealed one other doable trigger. When he was finding out overseas, Kiyoshiro grew to become associates or frenemies with Emma Hanes, a nosy lady with a need for secrets and techniques. Emma discovered Kiyoshiro’s secret diary the place he wrote about his fictional adventures as a hero, and printed it on-line. Kiyoshiro’s embarrassment over this reveal might need led him to return to Japan.

Kiyoshiro’s progress has not meant leaving his creativeness behind; he nonetheless enjoys the identical anime and manga as earlier than. As a substitute, he has realized to channel his creativity into actual functions. For instance, in Episode 18 “The Land of Kids,” Kiyoshiro cosplayed as his favourite character from Magical Detective Elf to assist clear up a thriller. In Episode 29, “Monster Pollen,” a younger lady named Yuna mistook Kiyoshiro for Tutorial Genius from the anime Tutorial Busters. Despite the fact that he had not watched this anime but, Kiyoshiro nonetheless used the function to maintain Yuna calm regardless of being separated from her mom whereas Kudokugumon wreaked havoc on a mall.

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