October 5, 2022


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Naruto's Rock Lee Wasn't Shonen Anime's Only Use of the Drunken Fist Technique

Drunk Rock Lee

Naruto’s Rock Lee Wasn’t Shonen Anime’s Solely Use of the Drunken Fist Method

Rock Lee’s Drunken Fist borrows from shonen anime and live-action martial arts to ship essentially the most visually spectacular use of the trope up to now.

Sui ken, recognized to English audiences as Drunken Boxing, has been a staple in martial arts comedy since Jackie Chan’s 1978 basic Drunken Grasp. The affect of Drunken Grasp in each live-action martial arts cinema and anime can’t be overstated; along with propelling Jackie Chan to martial arts film stardom, its attribute interpretation of the historic and real-life strategies generally known as Drunken Boxing has turn into a staple of shonen anime as effectively.

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Whereas martial arts is an integral a part of many shonen titles, its function in Dragon Ball is vital. On the World Martial Arts Event, below the not-so-subtle guise of Jackie Chun, Grasp Roshi makes use of Drunken Fist towards the younger Goku. From the stands, Yamcha describes a method the place one “pretends to be drunk” — along with Grasp Roshi’s getup, forming a thinly-veiled allusion to Jackie Chan’s efficiency in Drunken Grasp. At first, Goku is caught fully off guard, however he finally counters Grasp Roshi together with his personal Loopy Monkey Fashion — a type additionally remarkably impressed by actual kung fu.

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Whereas Drunken Fist may appear an ideal match for the absurd martial arts parody shonen sequence, Ranma 1/2 takes a surprisingly roundabout manner into the fashion. When by chance force-fed liquor throughout a convoluted faculty efficiency of Romeo and Juliet, Ranma instinctively performs sui ken, described in real-time by a useful announcer as “Something Goes Faculty Final Assault: Drunk-Fu.”