October 4, 2023


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Lucifer & the Biscuit Hammer Reveals Some of the Beast Knights' Backstories

Samidare greets the Beast Knights in Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

The important thing to any profitable collection with a big ensemble solid is creating its members sufficiently as people. Despite its lackluster success with followers of the unique manga, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer confirmed itself able to giving its intensive crew of central characters the room and forethought wanted to do exactly this.

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Whereas the earlier week launched 7 new faces essential to the primary plot, the most recent episode targeted totally on the backstory and exposition surrounding three of the twelve Beast Knights. Beginning with Hakudou Yayoi and Sia Moon, the Snake Knight mixture, the collection confirmed off each endearing and astounding sides to her persona. Her phase started together with her loaning the subsequent DVD of the Magical Mary collection to Yuuhi — the identical anime that he had began watching alongside the late Shinonome Hangetsu. This led to the revelation of Hakudou’s secret life as a hardcore otaku and closet cosplayer, making her the primary confirmed anime fanatic within the present.

A equally nuanced particular person explored within the episode is Nagumo Soichirou, the Horse Knight paired with Dance Darkish. Resolving a working joke concerning the standing of his unemployment, Nagumo confided within the others about his previous as a detective. Nagumo stop the police pressure after assembly Dance throughout a case by which a chief officer was discovered overlaying up a slew of violent crimes dedicated by his son. This dedication to justice explains a lot about Nagumo’s position as an honorary chief among the many Beast Knights, as he needs to maintain evildoers at bay whereas preserving the security of the harmless.

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