July 6, 2022


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Kamimine Town Debuts New Chinzei Hachirō Tametomo Web Anime on December 2

Kamimine Town Debuts New Chinzei Hachirō Tametomo Web Anime on December 2


Kamimine City Debuts New Chinzei Hachirō Tametomo Net Anime on December 2

The official YouTube channel of the city of Kamimine’s PR account will start streaming the primary episode of the online anime Chinzei Hachirō Tametomo (also called Minamoto no Tametomo) on Thursday.

The anime may have 13 episodes. The second episode will premiere in Might 2022, and subsequent episodes will launch each month.

Yasuko Matsuyuki is narrating the anime. Shunsuke Takeuchi performs Chinzei Hachirō Tametomo. Kunihiko Higashi performs Itо̄ Suketsune.

Toshiyuki Yahagi (Responsible Crown) is directing the anime. Taku Kishimoto (Fruits Basket) is writing the screenplay. Taku Iwasaki (Gurren Lagann) is composing the music.

Kamimine determined to supply the online anime following fan response to Manufacturing I.G‘s animated music video from final December. The anime gained the bronze award within the regional revitalization class on the Kyoto Animonozukuri Awards in September.

Manufacturing I.G created an animated music video for the city of Kamimine within the Saga Prefecture final December. The music video, titled “Chinzei Hachirō Tametomo,” tells the story of a samurai by the identical identify (also called Minamoto no Tametomo) who fought as a army chief close to the top of the Heian Interval. The music video featured the theme tune “Time-to-Extra” by rock band UNICORN.

The anime was created as a part of the “Minamoto no Tametomo Venture,” which promotes the area of Kamimine. It tells the story of how the samurai moved to Kyushu after being disowned by his father. He finds private development within the area of Kaminine, though finally he returns to Kyoto to rescue his father within the midst of the Hōgen Insurrection of 1156.

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