August 19, 2022


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Jujutsu Kaisen: [SPOILER] Returns as a Terrifying Cursed Spirit

Jujutsu Kaisen: [SPOILER] Returns as a Terrifying Cursed Spirit

If readers thought they have been getting a breather from the joy of the Culling Recreation after the conclusion of Hakari’s battle in opposition to Kashimo, they have been very unsuitable. On the finish of the earlier chapter, a worm-like Cursed Spirit all of a sudden appeared, and it had the uncommon skill to talk. Maki and Noritoshi have been each surprised by its presence after they sensed it. Their reactions implied that it was no peculiar Cursed Spirit.

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Naoya’s Projection Sorcery granted him unimaginable pace, and it seems he retains this Cursed Method as a Cursed Spirit. Maki has hassle maintaining with him as soon as he begins attacking her. His assaults are extraordinarily damaging, however thus far, he does not appear to be any extra of a menace to Maki now, than when she killed him. At the least, by way of bodily power. Because it stands, the one situation is his quickness, however there should still be extra to him than meet’s the attention.

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Kenjaku revealed that he has eliminated the occasion answerable for recommending Suguru Geto’s execution. Furthermore, he additionally eliminated the one who named Yuta as Yuji’s executioner. He went on to tell Noritoshi that he already has Jujutsu headquarters in hand, and has management of the Kamo clan. He has made himself the twenty fifth head of the household, which explains why Noritoshi has given up on that dream. Curiously, Kenjaku merely lets Noritoshi depart since he feels it is utterly pointless to kill him.