September 29, 2022


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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2 Episode 13 Delves into the Heartbreaking History of Ermes Costello

Ermes Costello and her Stand Smack

JoJo’s Weird Journey Stone Ocean Half 2 is a supernatural crime and motion anime obtainable to stream on Netflix. The second half continues the story of Jolyne Cuhjoh as she investigates the theft of her father’s reminiscence disc by the mysterious Pale Snake, the Stand of Father Enrio Pucci, and struggles to outlive in an more and more hostile jail — the Inexperienced Dolphin Road Jail.

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The episode opens with Jolyne crouching over an injured Ermes, and it’s revealed that one other inmate was killed, resulting in the suspicion that Jolyne was accountable. Jolyne is just not one to take the blame for one thing she hasn’t performed, doubtless because of her illegal incarnation within the first place, so her lack of protest implies two outcomes. Both she was accountable, immediately or not directly, or way more doubtless, she has concocted a plan wherein being positioned in indefinite confinement works to her benefit. Pucci, however, recants his time with Dio Brando and their dream of acquiring the one factor that brings true happiness, Heaven. Each the protagonist’s and antagonist’s goals are laid out, establishing an eventual confrontation.

The newly launched Sports activities Most was chargeable for the homicide of Ermes’ sister however because of an absence of proof was solely given 5 years in jail. The reflection of Ermes in Jolyne comes along with her personal purposeful incarceration to seek out and actual revenge on her sister’s killer, to the purpose of even discarding her relationship with Jolyne and F.F. to acquire her goal. Nevertheless, the rift between the three is unlikely to be something greater than a quick plot level because of Jolyne’s lack of ability to depart her pals to undergo alone. Ermes has positioned her prey and stalks him to seek out the proper second to strike. When she finds it, Sports activities Most’s destiny seems to be notably grim, crushed inside the sewage pipes of the jail. This build-up of Ermes’ arc and limelight presents a larger understanding of precisely how the Stand Smack works and the way brutal it may be when used to its full potential.

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