August 19, 2022


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I'm Kodama Kawashiri Is More Intro Than Anime

Kawashiri looks on, shocked, in I'm Kodama Kawashiri.

I am Kodama Kawashiri: The Dissolute Lifetime of a Harmful Lifehacker is an anime adaptation of Kawashiri’s autobiographical manga of the identical identify. Each two and a half-minute episode tells a narrative about Kawashiri’s life as an artist and mangaka. The anime’s opening credit sequence is a usually entertaining anime opening, however at one minute and thirty seconds, it constitutes a complete 60% of each episode’s runtime.

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The intro begins with Kawashiri getting away from bed and brushing her tooth, adopted by a time-lapse of her drawing, consuming chips and stretching. She then walks to her favourite comfort retailer, Inageya, receiving a “revelation” from her trusty psychological “Revelation Cat” each time she buys one thing. Kawashiri then walks dwelling below the celebrities to eat salmon and karaage hen and drink beer earlier than enjoyable within the tub. Lastly, she goes again to sleep, book-ending the intro with the same shot of Kawashiri in mattress that reveals how her days mix collectively.

Alternatively, it may merely be that Kawashiri is having revelations about what meals to purchase and the right way to put together it — an interpretation supported by the occasions of Episode 13 by which Revelation Cat oversees Kawashiri’s luxurious midnight snack. The next scene within the OP reveals steam billowing out as Kawashiri opens the plastic lid on her salmon bento field, exhibiting that store-bought meals aren’t exempt from anime’s usually appetizing and lovingly-animated meals scenes.

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