August 19, 2022


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Hunter x Hunter's Tonpa and the Importance of Low-Stakes Antagonists

Tonpa with an evil grin

The spineless and hilarious antagonist Tonpa provides a pleasant distinction to the villainous forged of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter. The opposite antagonists are maniacs, monsters, psychos, killers, or in any other case terrifying beings that might kill or maim the quartet of protagonists. Tonpa is extraordinarily innocent in comparison with the opposite villains, as he’s only a devilish prankster with minimal objectives. And he was good at what he did.

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Tonpa shortly gravitated to the main quartet, assuming their age and naive appearances would make them simple targets. On the similar time, he realizes his errors when Gon and Killua keep away from his plan to poison them with liquid laxatives. His actions are very cartoonish in distinction to Hisoka and Illumi’s maliciousness. Whereas he could also be unable to create the extent of worry as these two, his unrelenting irritation provides a much-needed antagonistic pressure to maintain the Examination entertaining with out making it any deadlier.

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The conflicts that end result from Tonpa’s antagonizing find yourself serving to the protagonists bond. The leads must work by his gibberish and lies, however the result’s higher belief and understanding of one another. Tonpa not directly helps develop the bonds of the Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. He is a useful asset to the Hunter Examination Arc.