September 29, 2022


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Humanity Has Declined Shows That It's Possible to Create Post-Apocalyptic Comedy Anime

The protagonist and some fairies from Humanity Has Declined

Submit-apocalypse is a style that, unsurprisingly, lends itself to darker and extra severe tales. There are myriad examples in anime, from absolute classics like Evangelion to newer fan favorites like Assault on Titan and lots in between. Nonetheless, one anime that manages to tug off combining a post-apocalypse setting with absurdist comedy is 2012’s Humanity Has Declined.

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Attributable to declining beginning charges, the human inhabitants has, because the sequence title states, declined. Different beings, most notably fairies, have arrived to occupy the now-increasingly emptying cities and settlements. Regardless of their childlike manners and cute appearances, these beings show to be surprisingly clever creatures. The unnamed protagonist has arrived to tackle her grandfather’s job as a mediator between the races — and shortly finds that the job will not be as straightforward because it seems.

Regardless of happening in a reasonably grim setting, Humanity Has Declined maintains a colourful, pastel world from its cute fairies to its human settlements. Even the usually drab factories have totally different splashes of colour as an alternative of the same old tones of grey. From lush, inexperienced forests to busy faculties, every location gives an air of caprice that contrasts in opposition to humanity’s twilight years.

The characters themselves are additionally colourful — each bodily and figuratively. The protagonist is clever, if somewhat lazy, and susceptible to creating sarcastic feedback. Her grandfather is basically unbothered by the craziness round him, seemingly because of working as a mediator for thus lengthy. Unsurprisingly, he is much more sarcastic than his granddaughter.