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Fujio Akatsuka’s Genius Bakabon Features In Anti-Piracy Campaign

Fujio Akatsuka’s Genius Bakabon Features In Anti-Piracy Campaign


Fujio Akatsuka’s Genius Bakabon Options In Anti-Piracy Marketing campaign

ABJ (Approved Books of Japan) in collaboration with Fujio Productions launched an anti-piracy marketing campaign, Reprint (is) Bakabon (Tensai wa Bakabon), that includes characters from Fujio Akatsuka‘s authentic manga Genius Bakabon (Tensai Bakabon).

ABJ’s official anti-piracy Twitter account introduced that the manga can have 50 chapters which can launch daily on Twitter ranging from Feb 14 until Apr 4, 2022.

5 pages from the manga shall be posted beginning at this time until Feb 20, 2022, as an commercial for “Reprint (is) Bakabon” on the Shibuya Station to maximise consciousness about manga piracy.

The purpose of “Reprint (is) Bakabon” is to advertise two factors i.e. “it’s unlawful to reprint manga with out permission,” and “it is usually unlawful to obtain and skim whereas figuring out that it’s reprinted with out permission”.

Genius Bakabon is concerning the misadventures of a dim-witted boy (Bakabon) and his idiotic father, the latter of whom finally turns into the central character.

On this model, the story will revolve round “Bakabon’s papa” who will get swindled by a lawbreaker to create a pirated website for “everybody’s happiness”; finally leads to jail.

Tensai Bakabon is a Japanese manga sequence written and illustrated by Fujio Akatsuka, which started publication on April 9, 1967, in Weekly Shōnen Journal.

It has been tailored into 5 anime tv sequence. The primary two sequence produced by Tokyo Film have been broadcast within the Seventies for 40 and 103 episodes respectively. The third and fourth sequence have been produced by Pierrot and broadcast in 1990 and 1999–2000, for 46 and 24 episodes respectively. The fifth sequence was produced by Pierrot+ and broadcast for 12 episodes in 2018.

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