May 24, 2022


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fripSide Music Unit Announces Phase 3 Vocalists

fripSide Music Unit Announces Phase 3 Vocalists


fripSide Music Unit Declares Part 3 Vocalists

The “fripSide Part 2 Ultimate Area Tour” ended on Sunday with the announcement of the 2 vocalists for the fripSide music unit’s “Part 3.”

The Part 2 vocalist Yoshino Nanjō began performing “infinite synthesis” because the twenty second tune on the live performance’s set listing, solely to be joined midway via the tune by the Part 3 vocalists. The emcee then launched the brand new vocalists Mao Uesugi (left in photographs above) and Hisayo Abe (proper, Idol Bu Present) earlier than they sang their first tune, “daybreak of infinity.”

That tune is already taking part in because the opening theme tune for the spring anime The Daybreak of the Witch, and can also be obtainable on streaming companies. The only will ship on Could 18 with a second tune to be introduced later.

Since 2009, the unit fripSide had consisted of vocalist Yoshino Nanjō (Ar Tonelico, Love Reside!) and producer/composer/programmer Satoshi Yaginuma. (The earlier vocalist was nao from 2002 till she graduated in 2009.) The unit carried out the 2 opening themes for the primary A Sure Scientific Railgun collection, in addition to the opening theme for the unique video anime. In addition they carried out theme songs for Koihime Musō (with nao because the vocalist), the Aa Megami-sama unique anime video collection, and Hayate the Fight Butler! Heaven Is a Place on Earth.

The duo had since carried out extra songs for A Sure Scientific Railgun franchise in addition to Black Bullet, Future Card Buddyfight, Seraph of the Finish, Schwarzes Marken, Ajin, Clockwork Planet, Dances with the Dragons, Boarding Faculty Juliet, King’s Raid and The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest.

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