October 4, 2023


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Dragon Ball Z: Was the Moon Ever Restored After Piccolo Blew It Up?

picollo moon

Dragon Ball has not at all times been particularly variety to Earth’s moon. Apart from getting used to imprison Monster Carrot and the Rabbit Gang, it has been destroyed at the least twice within the franchise’s continuity; as soon as by Grasp Roshi in Dragon Ball and once more by Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z. It was additionally destroyed in Dr. Droop, which apparently exists in the identical continuity as Dragon Ball. In equity, Goku and co. have made efforts to revive the moon with the Dragon Balls at the least as soon as.

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The primary time the mono was destroyed was in the course of the twenty first World Martial Arts Event. Grasp Roshi used a Kamehameha to destroy it as a way to undo Goku’s Nice Ape transformation. When Goku got here again for the twenty third World Martial Arts Event, he defined that Kami allowed him to revive the moon in alternate for eradicating his tail completely. This set the notion that the restoration of the moon must be both said or proven on display.

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For probably the most half, the sequence appears to maintain the moon’s absence constant. Clearly, it wasn’t there when Vegeta wished to make use of it to change into a Nice Ape himself. Apart from that, most pictures that may or may have the moon in them are noticeably vacant.