October 4, 2023


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Dr. Stone Artist Debuts Intense One Piece Spinoff Art

One Piece Episode Ace

Boichi, the artist behind Dr. Stone, along with Mitsukubi Condor‘s Ryo Ishiyama launched two new manga covers for the extremely anticipated One Piece spinoff One Piece Episode A.

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One Piece Episode A — also called “Ace’s Story” — adapts into two volumes the 4 half mini collection One Piece Novel A, which ran in Shueisha’s One Piece Journal from September 16, 2020 – December 2, 2021. Illustrated by Boichi and storyboarded by Ishiyama, the chronicle dives into Ace’s previous, exploring his relationships with the Spade and Whitebeard Pirates. The volumes can be launched concurrently on August 4, 2022.

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“Boichi” is the penname of South Korean manhwa-turned-manga artist Mu-jik Park. His early works embody sci-fi journey Resort, mobster collection Solar-Ken Rock, and hitman slice-of-life Wallman . His contributions to Dr. Stone earned two awards in 2019 — the Shogakukan Manga Award (“Shōnen” class), and the Japan Media Arts Pageant award (Grand Prize). Ryo Ishiyama is a returning collaborator to the One Piece franchise. Two of his most notable works embody Ibitsu no Amalgam (2014), which follows a supernatural monster boy; and Mitsukubi Condor (2016) which tells the story of a beauty-obsesssed thief.