August 19, 2022


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Digimon’s Latest Monster of the Week Takes Inspiration from Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A Betsumon in disguise as Gammamon in the shadows in Digimon Ghost Game

All through Digimon Ghost Recreation, the writers have pulled from a number of sources to create new paranormal horror for his or her viewers. Within the course of, they’ve used beforehand launched Digimon in new and stunning methods. In Episode 32, “Who Are You?”, Digimon Ghost Recreation invoked the basic horror film Invasion of the Physique Snatchers. As an alternative of Pod Individuals, a gang of Betsumon have been as an alternative taking individuals’s identities, and their victims disappeared if the Betsumon stole their identification for too lengthy.

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Most variations of Invasion of the Physique Snatchers have been from the factors of view of individuals making an attempt to find why their family members have out of the blue modified. In distinction, Digimon Ghost Recreation’s “Who Are You?” was primarily from the perspective of Gammamon, the sufferer who was being changed. The Betsumon started by taking on Gammamon’s life for brief intervals of time with a view to take a look at the waters earlier than taking on fully. As a result of the Betsumon remoted Gammamon from his human accomplice and older brother Hiro Amanokawa and his associates, Gammamon solely discovered the total scope of what was occurring from one other sufferer, Meicoomon, and by stumbling throughout the Betsumon as they made their plans to take over Hiro’s dorm.

Like the unique novel, “Who Are You?” does finish within the Betsumon’s defeat. Hiro was in a position to determine the actual Gammamon by Gammamon’s insatiable starvation, which the Betsumon imposter couldn’t compete with. This realization was a extra lighthearted means of resolving the problem to distinction with the darker tone of the Betsumon imposter’s sluggish takeover of Gammamon’s life. Nonetheless, Gammamon’s sobbing reduction when Hiro lastly acknowledged him confirmed the total affect of the psychological horror that Gammamon had endured. Using Gammamon because the perspective character made the episode much more impactful as a result of Gammamon is Digimon Ghost Recreation‘s cutest and most childlike character, so his heartbreak made the viewers much more invested within the Betsumons’ defeat.

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