September 29, 2022


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Demon Slayer vs. Tokyo Ghoul: Which Series Has Better Monster-Slaying Weapons?

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Demon Slayer is without doubt one of the largest titles in shonen anime proper now — a well-animated monster hunter anime that depicts sword-carrying demon slayers who dispatch demons, the horrors of the night time. Protagonist Tanjiro Kamado realized for himself how powerful this life-style may be, however not less than he is obtained a elaborate black Nichirin sword to assist him win the day.

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Much like the Soul Reapers of Bleach, who carry zanpakuto into battle, the demon slayers of the Demon Slayer anime carry katana-like swords to battle their flesh-eating foes, the demons. In dimension and form, these Nichirin swords might look like odd weapons — they can not channel magical energies, for instance, nor can they alter their form like a Bleach-style shikai. As an alternative, the primary benefit of Nichrin swords is their building methodology. As defined to Tanjiro early on, Nichirin swords are solely created from sun-soaked ores present in Japan’s mountains. All that concentrated photo voltaic vitality within the uncooked ore permits demon slayers to combat demons with the condensed energy of the solar on their aspect. Solely daylight can actually destroy a demon, so when demons come out at night time, demon slayers should carry the solar’s energy with them.

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Tokyo Ghoul‘s model of Nichrin swords are the quinques, the weapon of alternative for CCG investigators who should battle ghouls to the dying. As an alternative of being cast from pure ores, quinques are literally created from the flesh of slain ghouls, which means they’re like residing weapons. Ghouls can use their Rc cells to type fleshy appendages generally known as kagune, which can take types similar to tentacles, wings and even spears, amongst different shapes. Kagune are additionally sorted into 4 classes based mostly on their fight type, which means that quinques created from kagune comply with the identical guidelines. CCG investigators fastidiously examine all 4 fight kinds to allow them to use and/or counter all or any of them.