October 5, 2022


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Dance Dance Danseur Takes Toxic Masculinity To Its Real World Consequences

Dance Dance Danseur

Mori Ruou could have been launched in Episode 2 as the primary rival within the story to Murao Jumpei as the 2 boys chased after their ballet desires, however Episode 3 of Dance Dance Danseur is a painful reminder of what these characters, and real-world youngsters, face because of horrific bullying spurned on by mob mentality and perceived indifference. Ruou was an instantaneous outcast at college, unable to take part in most topics and purposefully isolating himself. This made him a straightforward goal for boys who’re, of their minds, simply having a little bit of enjoyable. The way in which this ‘enjoyable’ escalated, nevertheless, lastly pushed the thought of masculinity over the brink, and Jumpei was pressured to make his choice on the place he stands.

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Episode 3 is troublesome to observe, not solely due to the bullying however as a result of the circumstances are depressingly reasonable. Ruou put up with the bullying and really will get blamed by Jumpei for doing so. The highschool boys who’re doing the worst of the bullying imagine it is all in good enjoyable and do not think about the results of their actions. In truth, when Jumpei lastly referred to as them out and declared that he was into ballet, their response was to not applaud him for being courageous. They as a substitute simply do not perceive him after which lower him out of social media contact, making Jumpei an outcast for defending Ruou and for revealing his want to do ballet. The lecturers at the highschool are unable to supply any type of actual assist to any of the scholars, a lot the best way bullying can go unobserved for therefore lengthy or under no circumstances. It is unclear from right here whether or not the story will steer in a extra optimistic route or whether or not it should proceed to hammer dwelling the seriousness of bullying. As of now, the results of being bullied and standing up for many who are being victimized are each refreshingly and depressingly reasonable.

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Whereas Jumpei could handle to grapple along with his thought of masculinity on this episode, the best way by which Ruou was handled after which the sheer pace with which Jumpei was additionally made an outcast when he throws his lot in with Ruou is a horrible reflection of the best way poisonous masculinity is at work in our society. It retains younger males and boys believing they need to act a sure method or face ostracization themselves.