September 29, 2022


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Avatar: Azula's Introduction Made Her One of the Show's Most Iconic Characters

Azula sits on a throne in Omashu in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Season 2 antagonist Azula got here into Avatar: The Final Airbender contemporary after the epic conclusion to Season 1 of the beloved anime. In her first episode, followers have been offered with a personality who was radically totally different from her predecessor. Coupled with blue flames was a calculated demeanor that by no means faltered, even when confronted towards the likes of the Avatar or the Dragon of the West.

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Premiering in 2006, “The Avatar State” makes use of the aftermath of “The Siege of North” to set the stage for The Final Airbender‘s new antagonist. Angered with Zuko and Iroh for his or her perceived treachery in Season 1, Fireplace Lord Ozai duties his daughter with searching down her uncle and brother. Earlier than kicking off the household reunion, the writers would come with two scenes to construct rigidity and set up Azula as a personality. The primary of those opens with Azula addressing her subordinates as they put together to arrest her prey. After her speech, she proceeds to tear into her ship’s captain within the first of the character’s signature verbal onslaughts when he warns of potential logistical hurdles.

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A lot of why Azula is such a well-liked character is showcased within the methods she contrasts and enhances her fellow characters. One space price inspecting is how she’s utilized as a foil when in comparison with the ‘Moon Slayer’ himself, the forgettable Admiral Zhao. When evaluating Azula and Zuko’s reunion to Zhao’s interrogation, probably the most related distinction is how the 2 wield energy over Zuko.