May 24, 2022


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'Anime no Tane' Animator Training Program Unveils Stories, Visuals for 2022's Projects

'Anime no Tane' Animator Training Program Unveils Stories, Visuals for 2022's Projects


‘Anime no Tane’ Animator Coaching Program Unveils Tales, Visuals for 2022’s Tasks

The Japanese authorities’s Company of Cultural Affairs unveiled the story inroductions and visuals for the 4 anime tasks in its newest spherical of the “Anime no Tane” program on Friday.

Studio: IMAGICA Digitalscape
Title: “Tenjin
A younger woman named Miru and Ran, a boy who appeared earlier than Miru, embark on an journey in an alternate world — however one thing tragic awaits them there …
Director: Noriyuki Fukuda
Producer: Tomoya Iwasawa
Coaching Goal: In-between animators, key animators, 3DCG animators

Studio: Studio Elle
Title: “Rockin’ Oyone
Oyone, who moved into a gaggle residence for senior residents, kinds a band with the opposite aged residents. She relives the recollections of her youth by a live performance on Christmas evening.
Director: Akira Shigino
Producer: Suguru Shakagōri
Coaching Goal: In-between animators, key animators, manufacturing development, producers

Studio: Manufacturing +h.
Title: “Area Camper Chicchi” (“Uchū Camper Chicchi“)
Chicchi, an abnormal workplace girl who works in Business Sector II of the photo voltaic system, heads to an area camp for a trip. Nonetheless, she crash-lands on a planet that may be a “graveyard” for scrapped ships.
Director: Masatsugu Arakawa
Producer: Fuminori Honda
Coaching Goal: In-between animators, key animators, producers

Studio: Lesprit
Title: “Kirakira Kirari☆
A mysterious woman all of the sudden seems earlier than Kirari, a timid grade college woman who somewhat doing nothing however draw. The mysterious woman drags Kirari into the skin world, they usually draw varied issues for the primary time collectively.
Director: Tomohiro Tsukimisato
Producer: Kanako Shimizu
Coaching Goal: In-between animators, key animators, producers

The studios IMAGICA Digitalscape, Studio Elle, Manufacturing +h., and Lesprit are every producing an animation undertaking from seven to 10 minutes in size. The works goal to lift the ability stage of present animators, and educate aspiring animators.

The Company of Cultural Affairs introduced the undertaking in 2020, and the 2020 undertaking additionally featured 4 works.

The initiative is the newest iteration of the Company of Cultural Affairs’ “Younger Animator Coaching Challenge,” which goals to coach younger animators on-the-job. The company launched that undertaking in 2010 below the “Anime Mirai” identify, with the goal of fostering the expansion of home animation studios, and tackling the priority that extra of the Japanese animation course of is being outsourced abroad. The undertaking was later renamed to Anime Tamago. The undertaking has spawned such works as Little Witch Academia, Dying Billiards (which impressed the Dying Parade tv anime), and Ongaku Shōjo.

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