August 19, 2022


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A Couple of Cuckoos: Are Hiro and Sachi Becoming Worst Enemies?

Hiro pointing

A Couple of Cuckoos is a captivating Spring 2022 rom-com anime starring the studious Umino Nagi and the deredere Amano Erika, each of whom discover themselves in an organized marriage per their mother and father’ needs. The Amanos and Uminos assume this association is a performed deal, however characters like Sachi and Segawa Hiro assume otherwise.

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Though the ace scholar Hiro and Sachi do not normally meet head to head, the 2 women have a critical battle of curiosity which may warmth up right into a full-blown feud at this fee. Primarily, these women are at odds the place the hardworking Umino Nagi is anxious, with Nagi being Sachi’s beloved foster brother and Hiro’s tutorial rival and admirer. To this point, Sachi has made it clear that she has a brother advanced and a powerful attachment to Nagi, whereas Hiro is giving some hints that she has critical intentions about Nagi in spite of everything. Neither of them will give Nagi up with out a battle.

Even when Nagi’s date with Hiro ended with Nagi feeling disillusioned and Hiro viewing him as a platonic good friend, Sachi is the kind to get labored up and make a daring transfer; she’s going to confront any lady who makes an attempt to “steal” Nagi away. If Sachi discovers who Hiro is and finds her, an argument is bound to observe. Sachi has by no means been this careworn and upset earlier than, and it brings out the worst in her, as Erika can see for herself. One thing should be performed.

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