August 19, 2022


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10 Strongest Anime Heroes Defeated By Teamwork, Ranked

Ash, Ritchie, and Pikachu (left); Tenzin surrounded by the Red Lotus (right)

Many motion and journey anime characteristic battles, tournaments, and combat sequences throughout which the heroes win by willpower and teamwork. Their friendship bonds and take care of each other assist them overcome any obstacles the villains set forth.

Sadly, this method can work for the antagonists simply in addition to it does for the heroes. There have been many occasions through which the villains have succeeded due to their teamwork. The protagonists usually make a comeback, utilizing these defeats as studying experiences. From the Pink Lotus’ win over Tenzin to Ash’s loss in opposition to Ritchie, teamwork defeated the heroes.

Warning: The ultimate entry accommodates main spoilers for many who have but to meet up with the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

What set Tenzin aside from Aang was his refusal to run away. Tenzin put up a formidable combat and held off the foes for some time, however he suffered defeat ultimately. The Pink Lotus had masters of all bending kinds. Plus, they labored nicely collectively.

Avatar: The Final Airbender’s Uncle Iroh was a former Hearth Nation normal and a member of its royal household. He turned in opposition to his homeland following his son’s premature dying. After going through the error of his methods, he determined to combat to protect the world’s steadiness, defend the spirits, and serve the Avatar as a White Lotus member.